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From the field

Mr. Peter

This year the Kenyan team said goodbye to Mr. Peter. Although by Dutch standards he could have retired a long time ago, he has been part of the fieldworkers since the start of Why Not.

In 2010 we got to know Mr. Peter Kimani as "the man with the crutches". You could hear him coming from afar, by the clicking of his crutches. Mr. Peter is a village elder and Why Not's eyes and ears in the villages. He keeps Why Not informed of what is going on in the villages and arranges home visits and activity days. He is a jack-of-all-trades, but also a very important and respected man, who keeps in touch with the chief. This kind, caring and humorous man is the key between the community and Why Not. Because he himself has a physical disability (he walks with crutches), he is very involved in the mission of Why Not. And thus he is also the example of how someone with a disability can indeed fulfill an important task. To Mr. Peter we owe the good connection and communication with the community! We are forever grateful to him.

Mr. Peter, role model with a disability

As of this year he will be enjoying his well-earned retirement. We, Why Not, are pleased to be able to contribute to his retirement and hope that we will hear him from time to time, to visit Why Not and the children who have become so dear to him.