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Why not… sponsor a child

Every child has a right to education. Children born with special needs do not always receive the attention they deserve in their families. The parents feel that these children can never be productive people in society and therefore focus their attention on their other children. That is why Why Not supports these families so that all children have opportunities. If necessary, we pay school fees and provide the children with uniforms, school supplies and, for example, diapers.

We work together with the Educational Assessment and Resource Centre (E.A.R.C) to ensure that all children within our programs are placed in appropriate schools. By doing so, Why Not ensures that students are placed in learning institutions that are committed to their talents and potential.

We currently provide educational sponsorship to some 70 children with special needs in public special units, private mainstream schools, secondary schools, vocational schools and colleges, both paying and non-paying schools. Why Not encourages children born with mild disabilities to attend a regular school so they can learn in a normal setting to prepare them for life after school.

We maintain contact with all of our sponsored children and visit them both at home and at school. Through these visits, the fieldworkers are able to identify the children's weaknesses and strengths so that they can give the right advice to the parents/caregivers.

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