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Why not….support families & schools

To support families and schools with children with special needs, Why Not has developed a number of other activities. 

Help to families: savings groups  

For example, there are savings groups for parents in which they regularly deposit money. Loans are granted to each other from this savings fund. Why Not supports the groups with educational training, regular follow-up and advice and matchmaking with financial institutions that can provide them with loans or grants to develop themselves. We have formed and registered five support groups with the Ministry of Gender so far.

The groups are formed based on the areas where the parents come from to reduce transportation costs. The groups meet regularly and lead to individual or group projects that significantly improve living standards. 

Assistance to families 

When a family receives a child with special needs, it takes time for the family to accept the child. Some couples even separate to some extent because of the existence of this child. Therefore, it is a priority for us to offer guidance and counseling to these families to help them accept and learn to live with their children.  

Every Thursday during an activity day with parents they get the opportunity to talk out their personal challenges. A professional counselor guides the parents in identifying the issues and possible solutions to their problems so that they can live an enjoyable life with their family. In addition to the advice and hands on training the parents receive, this day is also an opportunity for parents to meet each other and discuss common experiences. In this way, they see that they are not alone.  

Support for schools  

Most government special schools are overcrowded, inadequately equipped and suffering from teacher shortages. As a result, students do not have a conducive learning environment. The organization supports the schools with: 

  • School supplies, sports equipment etc.   
  • Linking the schools to specialized organizations to improve health care.  
  • Close cooperation with the teachers in order to provide the parents with the right advice to support their children at school.en 
Why not give guidance

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